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Crop tops – short tops for hot summer days

Buy trendy and fancy crop tops in India at the lowest price. Buy the cool and best collection of crop tops for women. The crop tops at are made of premium quality cotton, and these are printed with the best in the industry technology printers, so you do not have to worry about the quality of the fabrics of the crops tops and also the variety of the inks used to print the designs on the crop tops. At Zepper, We provide one year warranty on the print quality and fabric durability. So choose from the top range of crop tops for girls and women at an affordable price and high-quality prints. The crop tops are now in fashion thanks to the trends that were set by movie stars from Bollywood and fashion industry. Every girl wants to follow the style their movie stars like actresses and models follow and want to look as beautiful and sexy like them, and we at the zepper store make it possible by providing them the best chic and hot crop top designs. So if you are searching for crop tops online, then Zepper store is the best bet for you because we have the trendiest collection of short tops or crop tops in our inventory. Crop tops are currently hotter than ever. The short girl’s tops have found their way back into the fashion scene through a style update and come in a sporty or even elegant look, therefore. Moreover, since the entire belly is no longer released, everyone can join in the trend look.

Crop Tops – The trend from the 80s and 90s is back!

Crop tops are currently celebrating their big comeback. Already in the 80s and 90s, the ladies tops conquered the fashion world. Their name comes from their small fit, which looks like cut off and shows much skin in the abdominal area. Now, the long-dead trend is back and now even makes it to the red carpet. Famous stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Kaley Cuoco, and Kim Kardashian recently presented themselves in the trendy crop tops and made the initially prudishly defiled ladies tops socially acceptable.

Meanwhile, you can find outfits with short tops as a matter of course, in magazines and fashion blogs. Crop tops have long since arrived in street style as well. Moreover, that’s no wonder because the fashionable tops are now available in many different versions,

Crop tops for every figure

Crop tops can only be worn by those who have a flat and perfectly toned stomach. Far from it, because with the right styling, you can join the trend even without a six-pack. Small problem zones can be concealed with high waist jeans or a pencil skirt with a high waistband. So you do not just cheat away a few pounds, but also play by the way the new Bare Midriff trend, in spite of Crop Top, not the entire stomach but only an inch or two of the skin can be seen, and the navel remains covered. This look looks particularly elegant and stylish and may even accompany you to the university or work. If you prefer not to show any skin at all, you can top your crop top over a long,

Crop Tops – the perfect companion for your workout

Sporty, ambitious girls know: Crop tops are ideal companions for practical training. The short ladies tops allow you to keep track of your movements and execute them correctly. This is especially true for sports such as yoga and dancing, where you can control yourself in the mirror. Especially suitable are tight crop tops with a high proportion of elastane that perfectly match your body. However, even casual oversize models that give you plenty of freedom of movement are the right choice. On particularly hot days, less substance is more pleasant. A sporty Zepper crop top or a bustier model from Nike can be a great alternative to the regular T-shirt and make sure you do not sweat too much in your favorite sport. Different materials from the sportswear industry also contribute to this Sweat quickly away from the body and provide a comfortable and relaxed feeling. So you do not have to give up your workout even in summer temperatures. A simple, white crop top goes excellent with utility pants or cargo pants. Just roll up the trouser legs and combine it with filigree, high heels or white sneakers and you’re perfectly dressed.
Even the currently hip sportswear look is a real breeze with the short tops and comes in combination with high waist shorts great advantage.
Culottes are back this year, and miss Crop Tops an elegant and stylish look.
A crop top made from lace or other excellent materials such as silk adds elegance.

The Crop Top: Short, but not too short

When the summer is comming, we can not ignore the crop tops altogether. Although crop tops have long been considered a fashion sin and have been banned from every wardrobe since the 1990s, they are the absolute eye-catcher this season. The short top is not just for sports activities or the beach. There are many beautiful and elegant designs from the Crop Top, which are also appropriate for glamorous celebrations and occasions. Admittedly, the Crop Tops A bit intimidating at first thought, but at ABOUT YOU, there are plenty of styles and styling options that will give you not only a modern look but also a comfortable fit. It is not necessary to divulge the whole stomach to do the trend correctly. Most crop tops are cut so that they slightly show a portion of your belly. Besides, a super toned six-pack is not a requirement for the short women’s tops. If you are not completely satisfied with your stomach, there is the option of combining a crop top with high-cut pants and skirts, such as high waist jeans or a fashionable pencil skirt. Besides, a must cop Top also does not always be tight fitting. There are airy, loose variants that show less skin and look just as stylish. Contrary to fit skinny jeans or hot pants. At ABOUT YOU, you will find women’s clothing that completes your outfit perfectly.

Short crop tops for long-lasting looks

Are you still unsure about a crop top? Here is the solution! Super light, loose variants are perfect for throwing on the beach. At the same time, you are offered the optimal conditions to experiment with the top and to experience the feeling of wearing. Above the bikini or swimsuit, crop tops are not only good looking, but they also provide you with protection after lying in the sun long enough. If you want to try it in the city, then, dull colors and inconspicuous to no pattern as chic fashion. Crop tops are striking sufficient from the cut to take a look stylish. Try it. From sporty modern to extravagant glamorous. ABOUT YOU offers you in the online shop a large selection of must-haves of the season. Besides, no shipping costs and We will deliver crop Top within 1-3 business days.