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The best original keychains and personalized keychains to give as a gift

Welcome to Zepper… the best online store 100% specialized and dedicated to the keychain. In our pages, you will find all kinds of key holders, including personalized models, merchandising models, and a full selection of the coolest original keychains you can imagine. You will need a few keys for so much keychain!

Astonishing Range Of Cool Keychains Online At Zepper Store

Zepper recognizes your intelligent way of storing your essentials and stuff. Zepper brings a wide variety of premium customized keychains and keyrings that are also customizable in many ways. These leather key-chains are available in assorted colors to match your personality and mood. Zepper owns a massive collection of designer keychains online in India which have stood among the customers regarding durability, premium appearance, a substantial holding of keys, and much more.

Types of key rings – Images of key rings available

There is an infinity of keychain models available to buy in our store … a whole collection of keychains at your disposal !. In this section, we want to put your teeth a bit long and introduce you to one of the different options available. The keychains are an ideal gift item, not only because of its low price but because they are a tool that can be used on a day-to-day basis and take with you everywhere. There are genuinely fresh and original designs, which are far from the typical image we have of an ordinary keychain.

Can you imagine being able to choose between infinite key rings? Now it is possible thanks to this fabulous section, in which you can choose between personalized keychains of all kinds and conditions: with photo, with an engraved text, wood, methacrylate, silver. We have keychains that are also a pen drive, others that Sports and even group keychains inspire these keychains, so you can share them with your flatmates.

Original and engraved keychains: travel companions

The keychains are essential to keep the keys that protect the houses. Many insist on carrying only the keys collected so that they do not occupy space, but the truth is that the keychains are gifts that we all love (some more than others). Why is this? Because most of them tend to be fun, with fresh designs and very beautiful shapes. And that always likes.

We could find many different types, but we are left alone and exclusively with the personalized key rings with photo and the keychains engraved with some text. We believe that they are the keychains that most people demand to give on any occasion. Therefore, we have created an extensive catalog of personalized keychains where you can find a lot of variety and even surprises.

Custom keychains: materials and design differences

The most common personalized keychains in our catalog are silver or silver plated. After doing a little research on the use of critical chains in society, we realized that silver is the most demanded, so we got down to work. Now we have infinite shapes and different objects converted into keychains. All of them are engraved, or personalized with a photo.

However, thanks to our concerns and desire to improve, we have incorporated more materials to get a complete catalog at 100%. Among them are methacrylate keychains, plastic keychains, and keychains engraved in wood. These last ones could be the most remarkable, above all, thinking about making a gift to your partner.

Original designs in wood for couples and families

The wood is a material very requested to make romantic gifts and with pleasure. Therefore, we asked ourselves why we did not create our wooden keychains, giving them a more poetic meaning.

Among all the personalized keychains, you will find some wooden houses for couples. With two dolls (which can be girl and girl, boy and boy, or girl and boy) keeping the house, you will feel safe to hang your keys in them. It is excellent to make a gift to your partner. If you hang this wooden keychain in the hall of the house, when you arrive every day, you can hang each one the keys in the doll that corresponds to you.

Also, these keychains can be engraved with the names of the protagonists. There will be no loss! However, if you prefer a more discreet keychain, we also have designs with wooden puzzle pieces. These are very cool for the whole family, for example, because each one takes a bit, and when all come together, they form different hearts. If your children are older to start having house keys, this can be a beautiful original gift.

In short, these are keychains engraved in wood with very original designs for couples and families who love each other and are happy to live together. If you want a new model in wood, we can consider the option of incorporating it into our catalog.

Personalized photo keychains: an amusing memory

There is no more beautiful gift than that which includes a picture of your friends, your spouse, or your family. Is it not like this? The most common original gifts with the photo are the custom cushions and cups, but now you can also design a key ring. Keychains of different themes also!

We have key rings with round photo, rectangles, shaped like a house, with a heart shape or for the coin of the shopping cart, among others. All of them are great for any occasion. Are you thinking about going to live with your boyfriend? Does your brother leave home because he bought a new apartment? These personalized keychains with the photo are perfect for getting a smile and exciting anyone.

And is that sportsmen can also have their personalized keychain with a picture of when they won the last championship. We have key rings for different sports, such as football, basketball, golf, or tennis. They all carry the picture on the ball.

You have to choose the photo you want, and design the key ring with our designer. When your image arrives, we will start printing your gift.

Keyrings engraved with name or text to protect the house of your dreams

If you are one of those who prefer texts or messages to a personalized photo, what we are going to tell you in this section may be of your liking.

It is a collection of key rings of all kinds and for all sorts of people who love to print their messages of pictures on the keychains.

The engraved keychains are thematic because you can find engraved handcuffs, colored plates, engraved heart stone, a dog, a skate, a Vespa, or a recorded flashlight, among others. As you see, it is a wide variety of different themes to fit perfectly with all kinds of people.

The athletes also have their place in this world of engraved key chains, because we have tennis rackets, golf balls, soccer balls, and basketballs so you can record the name of the star player of the family and give it away by giving him a smile pride. We recommend that you look closely at the entire catalog of personalized keychains.

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Personalized keychains for travelers, couples and athletes

Our customized keychains can be divided into many more groups of people, but we want to highlight these three broad groups so that you can get an idea of ​​how original we are when adding a new keychain to our catalog.

Travelers can enjoy key chains with a Vespa, a Surfboard, or a personalized PowerBank. Imagine that you are going on a trip with your friends and you can not load all the mobile.

Also, if you have sports friends, we have already commented that you have a lot of variety of keyrings for them. If you have moved with a tennis player, or your boyfriend loves to golf, give him a keychain with his name with the keys to your new house.

And finally, talking about couples, if you are a romantic, you will enjoy a lot in this section. Everything is ready for you to go live with your partner or you buy a car together. How romantic!

Promotional original keychains

We also have a lot of customizable unique keychain in which you can include both private and company names, logos, brands, and other customized designs. Moreover, these keychains can have additional features such as flashlight, frame, wallet or other, can present various materials and sizes, from very cheap models to handmade models with great detail.

Buy Chull Keychains

If you want a great keychain to impress your friends, to give as a gift or to enjoy it day by day, we have just what you are looking. Here we present some of our freshest and most trendy keychains so you can choose the one you like and take it home … ah ! and at meager and affordable prices. Keychain with photo

The key ring with personalized photo is one of the best ideas to give away and have your loved ones always close to you: they are the original personalized keychains par excellence. In our store, you will find both photography and engraving personalization services as frame keychains of different sizes in which you insert the photo you prefer.

Keychains for couples

The keychains are an element associated with couples because, in the background, each one has the key to the heart of the other … right? … there are a lot of beautiful and original models to give in that particular event … There will be no more excuses for not knowing what to give at the next Anniversary!

Parts of a keychain

The keychain is a very simple gadget that is used to safely carry the different keys we have: keys of the car, home, work, garage, etc.

It consists of 3 fundamental parts:

  1. The ring or ring of the key ring, where the keys are attached to save.
  2. There is this decorative element, which defines the identity of the keychain.
  3. The link chain which connects the ring with the decorative element.

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We are the largest online store specializing in key chains, personalized key chains, and original key holders. Enter the different sections of our store to find the best offer and the most beautiful key rings.