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Buy stylish and designer mobile cover and mobile cases online atthe store. We have more than 150 models available in our store and When it comes to the number of designs, We have more than 1000 designs at our disposal for you to choose from. So Don’t wait and grab this proposal today at the zepper store. Buy awesome mobile covers and phone covers in India at a very affordable price. We are one of the leading mobile covers and phone case providers in India.

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When you buy an expensive phone or a phone you have been dreaming to buy, you have to buy a mobile cover to protect your phone from breaking when it falls out of your hand and from scratch marks. During that time phone cases come in handy. The mobile covers at will keep your mobile phone safe and dust free during your travel or outdoor venture.
The back covers and phone cases are made of hard premium polycarbonate substance which ensures these are durable and hard during their lifetime and safeguard your phone. At our store, we have a staggering collection of designer mobile cases online to make sure that all your mobile back case fantasies get fulfilled. These phone cases are an important asset and mobile accessories to have for every mobile phone owner. These phone cover accessories are really important and one should purchase the same as soon as he or she buys a phone.

Protect your phone – wherever you are

You are traveling a lot? Your smartphone is (almost) always there? Then treat it to a certain degree of protection and style: Shop your new cell phone case at Liebeskind Berlin! By the way: iPhone case and Co. are also as a gift a good idea. It goes so fast: Once not paid attention and the smartphone slides out of the hand. Sometimes that is fine, but do not rely on luck. Depending on the ground, the beloved communication center is also quick times when it falls unprotected – or carries unsightly wounds. A cracked or scratched display can often be exchanged, but more often costs and effort can be completely avoided.

Even a mobile phone case cannot prevent any damage. In any case, the chic accessory but provides for much greater impact protection. With a distinctive color and a timeless design, you also underline your style – that’s exactly what the printed lettering on the cover stands for. With a chic cell phone iPhone, Samsung smartphone and Co. your precious companion and you are a bit far safer on the road – and even still a bit unmistakable!

Aesthetic, light, functional, More protection – without downsides?

Modern phone covers for iPhone and Co. are efficient and minimalist. Framed by such a lightweight fit your cell phone is even better, because handy, in the hand. This alone protects against many a mishap – and the good piece is not noticeably heavier despite the protective cover. Another advantage of an individual design: You will never again accidentally reach for the wrong smartphone.

iPhone cases, Samsung cell phone cases and other cases are made of very different materials, depending on the model. These include hard plastics as well as soft – including silicone, neoprene, and synthetic leather – or high-quality, genuine leather. Each variant contributes to the protection of the smartphone and has its own advantages. In addition, one differentiates between a hard case and soft case. Some models nestle around the frame of the smartphone and leave the display completely free, while other mobile phone cases envelop the smartphone completely.

The most important thing: mobile phone protection allows you to continue to use your smartphone without restriction. The reception is not affected and you can easily reach all the important elements while the cell phone is in the protective case. For many models, precise recesses for the camera lens or buttons ensure ease of use. High-quality cases also do not limit the sound quality of the speakers. Of course, mobile phone cases are an exception: Here you have to remove the mobile phone before you can use it. But the display is also very well protected.

Protect your phone from heat and cold
A cell phone case protects your iPhone from many dangers. But all the tricks of everyday life do not keep her in check. It depends on you as well:

  • Do not leave your cell phone in the blazing sun. Heat can affect the battery and display as well as disturb other functions.
  • Protect your smartphone from the cold. Otherwise, the battery might otherwise be limp much sooner. When changing from cold to warm, condensation can form and damage the device.
  • Mobile phone covers protect against damage and injuries, but can also help to a certain extent against heat and cold, depending on the material. Plastic covers can melt when the sun is too strong.

Overview of the properties of the materials

  • Plastics can be dyed very easily. This results in a great variety of colors, patterns, and motifs. Compared with the other materials, however, the heat resistance of many plastics is lower. If the heat is too high, they can melt. But also with other mobile phone cases: Do not leave your smartphone better in the blazing sun, otherwise, there is a risk of damage.
  • A mobile phone cover made of neoprene, on the other hand, isolates heat and cold quite effectively, but the bag makes handling even more difficult. After all, you always have to remove the smartphone only if you want to use it. If it slides out of the hand then the protection is missing.
  • Silicone is particularly elastic and absorbs falls. In addition, the surface is non-slip and offers even on inclined surfaces plus grip. However, silicone phone cases are often thicker than other plastic cases. Dirty silicone, it can often be a little harder to clean.
  • Leather mobile covers impress with a pleasant feel and look very high quality and noble. Leather can be thinner than plastic and still resist impact and impact just as well. After some time, leather forms a natural patina due to abrasion and color changes – but this is exactly what gives the material its special charm. With the right leather care, you keep the cover long soft and supple.

No matter what material you decide on iPhone phone case or Samsung phone case: All models make something and provide a high level of protection. But you are not immune to all the potential escapades of your smartphone. Protect it as much as possible from falls, heat or cold. Your new mobile phone case will actively support you.

Latest Mobile Cover Designs- Why should you buy Mobile Case at

At Zepper store we provide Cash on delivery option when you purchase your mobile case from us. We also provide free shipping on orders above INR500. We ensure we ship on the same day so what your mobile covers reach you fast and safely. With our mobile covers in our online shop, you can always buy the mobile covers you have dreamt of and forget about the not so tough and cheap generic mobile covers you find in your local market. Our phone cases are undoubtedly the best in India with it’s latest funky styles and with the premium quality material and the print quality on these phone cases are so good that you can never see any pixelated part anywhere. Each case is printed at 300DPI to give you an unmatched print quality.

When you search for a mobile cover for you or for your family members or your partner then Zepper is the best option for you and is undoubtedly the best shop to buy your phone case. Why are we boasting so? because We have a huge horizon of collections for both men and women, for young as well as old. We have a segment where we have a collection of mobile phone cases for our older generations. So when you come to our store you will never have a problem finding the correct mobile case that will suit your taste and fit into your style and reflect your persona. Buy the best and designer mobile phone covers at Zepper. It sometimes becomes a hard task to find a reliable and trustworthy website where we can buy mobile cases and covers, People waste a lot of time searching for the right website and also waste a huge amount of money in that process and in the end they don’t get what they had paid for. sometimes they get cheated because they get the wrong design or wrong model, that happens because the stores, they don’t care about their customer’s satisfaction. Sometimes they get broken mobile cases when they try to return that case, stores simply refuse to accept their request because they don’t have any return policy. Here at, we make sure customer’s satisfaction is our 1st priority that’s why we have 15 days return policy. If you met the return policy TOS then we will accept your return as well. So don’t worry buy your own designer phone case with full authority and confidence.

Why is the Best Mobile Phone Cover Seller in India

With over 150 models to choose from and more than 1000 designs to choose from is always the online store for someone who is serious to buy something that is quite unique and better than the rest. Zepper is a hub of the most stylish and international standard cases and covers at a never seen price. These funky covers will give your phone a cool look and will also enhance your personality among your friends and other groups along with this these phone cases will shield your phone from accidental damages and unwanted scratches that it make get over a period of time.
Why we zepper are different than the rest of the online shopping stores because we have a collection of stupendous themed mobile phone cases that will make your phone or give your cellphone a Cosmic appearance and will also let you brag about your trendy covers. We have various themes such as Superhero mobile covers, Slogans and Quotes covers, Language theme, feminism phone cases, Bollywood covers, funny desi mobile cases, football theme phone cases, cricket phone covers and many more. You will have to visit our store to find all the themes to explore and choose your favorite mobile cover theme. With such a vast collection of back covers in India, you will never miss a single theme or cover model at our store. So if you ware waiting to buy your best phone cover today then buy it now and be a part of the ultimate shopping experience and colossal product quality. If you think if we ship to your location then stop thinking because we do ship to even the tiny part of India and World where normal courier service providers can’t reach and where IndiaPost can reach. We ship to various cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Kolkata, New Delhi, Varanasi, Pune, Patna, Hyderabad, Chennai, Raipur, Nagpur, Prayagraj aka Allahabad, Shimla, Nainital, Darjeeling and all other cities in India.

What is special about the Mobile Back Covers in India at Zepper

Some of the topmost reasons to choose and buy your very own theme phone cases are listed below.
Massive theme based on mobile cases collection.
Premium quality polycarbonate cover with snap to fit technology and ultra level finishing.
Over 150 models in our store and over 1000designs to choose from.
We update our design daily and add new designs daily.
Cash on Delivery and Free Shipping is available in our online store.
The really cheap and affordable price of mobile covers priced at INR199.
A mobile cover for everyone, be it men or be it, women.

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We only sell top quality phone cases in our store so that you can have a mobile cover that can last longer and protect your mobile from shocks and knocks. With over 150+ phone models like Samsung j7 back cover, Redmi Note 5 Pro back cover, Vivo v9 back cover, Redmi note 4 cover, moto g4 plus back cover, Mi A1 cover, Xiaomi Redmi 4 cases, Samsung c9 pro cases, Honor 9 back cover and lots more inside the store. When you buy a phone case at Zepper, We feel it’s our responsibility to bring you the best phone cases in terms of style quotient and firepower. The first thing is choosing your perfect phone cover according to your persona. If you are a girl and you want feminine mobile cover or girly and pink mobile covers then we have that as well. So come to our store, roam around as much as you can. Buy the cover you find captivating to your character and then have it into your collections. Everyone wants to be stylish in something or the other. They want their products to carry a message so that they can be standout from the rest of the crowd. They also want to these back cases at a pocket-friendly price in India. That’s the only reason we are providing these unique designer phone covers at a price most would not believe. So before jumping in joy and coming to a conclusion, visit our store and check out a cover suited for your needs.

Are these Phone cases are Scratch Resistant and Dust Resistant?

These covers are scratch resistant and also dust resistant to some extent. That doesn’t mean you just don’t take care of your phone case, You should routinely take care of your phone case, make them clean regularly. Zepper s a trustworthy website and a quality oriented shopping store. ALl the phone cases we sell here are trending with latest styles and we have an agenda to provide top quality products and best-themed products at a cheap price.

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Buy at the zepper store and buy with confidence, We have lots of designs and models to choose, you just have to visit and take a peek and find the right phone case. In case you don’t find the right one for you then you may want a custom phone case for your mobile. Then we have that option as well. We provide custom printing as an addon so that you can add your photo or text on these mobile cases and we don’t charge anything extra for this addon. We are aking a balance with the market trends by adding new covers and cases every day. at the same time we also add new mobile covers daily from various brands such as Apple phone cases, Google Pixel phone cases , Samsung phone covers, Xiaomi phone cases, Sony mobile cover, Motorola mobile cover, Oppo mobile cover, Honor mobile cover, Vivo phone case, Micromax phone case, Nokia Phone case, HTC back cover, Coolpad back cover and cases, Gionee mobile cover, Asus Phone case, Oneplus phone cover, Redmi Cases, Lenovo mobile cases and many more.
So buy your fancy cover today, Bring your most versatile and fashionable look to your phone only at We hope Zepper will be your one-stop mobile covers shopping destination to find the perfect mobile cover. If you are interested in Funny Coasters, Trending T-shirt designs, badges, Coffee Mugs then you are at the most correct place in the world.

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