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Buy Personalized Notebooks and diaries Online in India

Buying notebooks and personalized gifts are something more and more usual. They are a perfect gift for teachers, for lovers of writing, for a cook to write down their recipes … Practically for anything! We have large, small notebooks, agendas and even ecological models. Here, more than in any other section, the limits are set by your imagination.

In our section of personalized notebooks and personalized dairies, you can find a lot of ideas to give to students, to people who work in an office, to lovers of crafts, to people who like to draw, to that boyfriend who forgets all. Personalized notebooks are an original gift idea suitable for the most varied occasions; gives a beautiful and useful object to study, to work or simply to write down any idea.

An unusual gift, made especially for who will receive it: it will surely be appreciated! Give the original personalized notebooks for a birthday, for Christmas, the anniversary, Valentine’s Day, the name day, the degree, the graduation, and any important occasion.

Types of Custom Notebooks

Customizable hardcover

We have a lot of things to teach you. First, our custom hardcover notebooks.

They have white sheets in A4 size, opaque cover (the impression is perfect), rings and includes a pen. It is a typical large notebook, perfect for people who have many things to write.

Transparent or translucent with squared sheets

If you want a large notebook, but a little less conventional, the transparent personalized notebook is undoubtedly the best option.

Although the impression is less resounding, since it is done on its translucent cover, it is a very demanded product. It has gridded sheets.

Small Spiral notebooks A5 hardcover

We also have notebooks in size A5 (18 x 13 centimeters), much more manageable and easy to transport. They are something like the little brothers of the hardcover notebook since they have everything the same (blank sheets, they include a pen) only that they are smaller.

Also small, although not so much (21.5 x 15.2 centimeters), is the ecological notebook. It has the cover and the back cover made of recycled paper: the print will take part in the brown color, but the finish is unique. One of our favorites.

Take your imagination flying

From the Zepper Store, we want you to always give something original, unique and very personal, so in this case, you will be able to customize the cover of your notebook with the image you want. Take your imagination flying! You can send us a photo of a special moment, the achievement of a personal challenge, how to finish your first marathon, a funny collage or the photos of the grandchildren of those proud grandparents, anything goes to personalize our notebooks.

Format of the image for the personalized notebook

It is recommended that the resolution be the highest possible, we recommend that it be 300pixel, which is the standard resolution that has a photo taken from a camera or a mobile without processing and without being sent by Whatsapp, so that the image at the time to print your personalized notebook does not come out blurred or pixelated. The inside sheets of this custom hardcover notebook are white.

create your customizable notebooks in just a few simple clicks.

Are you a creative, an artist, an illustrator? Our customizable notebooks are what you need to put your ideas on paper. Create your fantastic personalized notebook with your graphics and unleash your fantasy. Creating personalized notebooks is easy and fast if you use our online application, following these simple steps:
    • Select, among the types of notebooks available, maxi size;
    • Upload an image of your personal gallery.
    • Through the lateral button, you decide the position and the proportion of the image on your notebook;
    • You can decide to enter a text to taste, choosing the source, the dimension, and the color;
    • See the preview of your new booklet and if you are satisfied to conclude the order;

Your personalized notebook will be sent to your house or house of whomever you want, in 4-7 working days.

Other gifts that you can customize

Personalized notebooks and personalized dairies are a product that is much sought after as promotions and advertising gifts, customizing the cover with a logo, design, photo or any image. Or for school use, creating customizable notebooks with a child or youth designs. Thanks to quantity discounts, cheap notebooks and notebooks can be bought, which makes them ideal original gifts for events, weddings, baptisms, communions, businesses, and advertising. Create your own gift through the different options you can find in our section of personalized gifts: custom tshirts, mugs, notebooks, mobile phone cases, coasters, wallets and many more.

Personalized Dairies

And if what you want is a personalized agenda, we also make them. In hardcover, with sheets in white, with separator and with leaflets. It can be a good gift to use as a journal, to record recipes or for anything else.

The good thing about our entire section of personalized diaries and notebooks is that we can customize it as you tell us. With a photo, with several, with text, with drawings … Whatever you want! The limits are the imagination.

The bad part of this whole story is that maybe when you give it away you are not very inspired. But do not worry, this is an Original Gift and here we are to help you. We have many customized notebook designs ready so that you can simply give the last touch (with a photo or phrase) and have an exceptional gift.

The personalized notebooks and agendas are perfect for all kinds of situations: from a nephew who enters the university to an invisible friend at work, going through that person who is studying an opposition or that other who always forgets everything and You need a place to aim.