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Review and Specifications of iPhone 5

Let’s see the review and look into the specifications of iPhone 5 below


If you leave a new iPhone 5s in your hand and your paw for a while, you probably do not realize that it is a new model. In appearance, it is completely identical except for the colors of the housing and the frame, and the novelty of the double LED flash next to the camera.

But the overall design, as well as dimensions, weight, and thickness, remains intact. And it is a joy because it is still a terminal very light and thin, how to carry in your pocket and very pleasant to have in hand. Yes, it also maintains that tendency to shoot out of your hands when you care less about the smooth feel of its back shell. So be careful.
It also maintains the ease so that the edges, exquisite the day we remove the iPhone from its box, are marked and lose their exclusivity with small bumps or rubbing. But in general, and with several falls of more than 1.5 meters lived in the first person (even with the screen facing the floor), the iPhone 5 and this new 5s, are terminals that we can consider as resistant. For other iPhone covers, you can check out Case for iPhone 7 plus or iPhone 8 cases


The diagonal, after the growth experienced by the iPhone 5 with respect to the 4s model, remains intact. They are 4 inches that are currently far from the sizes that are styled in high-end smartphones and which, far from being strange, the consumer is getting used to. However, with its 4-inch screen, the iPhone 5s is still very lightweight and manageable, but more screen surface is missing since every time we make a smartphone more things that demand good diagonals and resolution.

The 4 inches of the iPhone 5s take it further away from the current trend in the high-end
By keeping that diagonal, the Retina screen of the iPhone 5s does not need to improve the resolution, because with the same of 1136 x 640 pixels it maintains a convenient pixel density of 326 dpi but that is far from the best smartphones on the market, which exceed it in more than 100 PPP in some cases .

Thus, the screen of the iPhone 5s is still looking very good, with sufficient sharpness and adequate brightness although slightly lower than last year’s model (but which improves the blacks), but begins to stay alone in the market with its contention bet diagonal, something that is likely for next year, which touches major renovation, and something is compensated.

Performance and battery

One of the novelties that are associated with the model s of the terminals of Apple is the renewal of the processor. In this iPhone 5s that improvement has been quite important, and the A7 that mounts the new iPhone is the first processor of the company that bets on 64 bits.
With the battery, which has just increased 100 mAh with respect to the model 5, we have noticed a very small improvement in autonomy in the iPhone 5s, but we still can not say that it is the strong point of the Apple terminal. If you are an intensive user, one day is the margin you will have and little more.


If you put an image taken with the camera of the iPhone 5 and another identical with that of the iPhone 5s, it would be hard to find the differences. The improvements that Apple has made to the camera of the iPhone 5s are welcome, but they do not mark a big qualitative leap.

The sensor has been maintained at 8 megapixels, and the size of the sensor has been increased (15%) so that the photoreceptors are larger and therefore able to capture more light than before and work with less noise in the images. Also, the opening of the camera has improved up to f2.2.

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