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Features and Specifications of Moto G5s Plus Mobile Phone

Lenovo has launched a large number of Motorola phones this year, for all budgets and needs. And although it has strived to create an incredible cell phone like the Moto Z2, it has spared no effort in meeting the demand for cheap or mid-range cell phones. The turn today is for the Moto G5S Plus.

Design: It’s a cell phone that at first glance does not feel cheap at all. Its design with curved edges and 5.5-inch screen are covered by a metallic body that the G5 does not have. You can see the antenna lines at the top and bottom of the back. There, we can also see a double lens camera with 13 MP and flash. In comparison, the G5 has a single rear camera with a single lens. This camera protrudes with respect to the rest of the body and is a little uncomfortable when placed on a surface since it gives the impression that we can damage the glass or the lens of the camera. The front has a 5-megapixel camera. The only thing that could say that it is not a more expensive cell phone is the fact that the screen has bevels when the current trend of high-end cell phones is to have a screen without bevels. It has a start button that is, in turn, the fingerprint reader.

Camera: As we mentioned earlier, the cell phone comes with two camera lenses. Both have 13MP and come with software that allows you to take photos as if it were a professional photograph taken with a DSLR camera. They have aperture f / 2.0 8X digital zoom and for 4X video. It also comes with a “depth” mode that allows you to take pictures and the background is blurred (bokeh effect). This cell also has an 8MP front camera with a wide lens and LED flash. If you want to take videos, you should know that it comes with a 4K video and with the possibility of recording in slow motion and having optical stabilization, to avoid moving the image a lot if you do not have a tripod.

Screen: The screen is one of the reasons why this is a special edition of the G5S Plus. It is larger by 0.3 inches than the G5S, so it is perfect for those who watch multimedia content on their cell phones. It has LCD resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. It is not OLED and therefore does not have the best resolution or the most intense colors, but considering that it is a cheap cell phone, the resolution is quite respectable.

Specifications: The Moto G5S Plus comes unlocked and will work with most major operators. It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor with eight cores and 3 GB of RAM, while its predecessor has 2GB of RAM. It comes with Android Nougat that can be updated to Android Oreo from December 2017 as indicated by Lenovo. It comes with options of 32 GB of internal storage or 64 GB and if you want more space, you can buy a MicroSD card to expand it. The cell phone is resistant to water, but not waterproof. That is to say, it can survive rain but it will not if it is immersed in a pool.

One of the things that stand out from Motorola’s cell phones is the customization of the Android operating system. Moto has in all its cell phones Moto actions, which are basically simple gestures made with one hand while holding the cell phone, to do things quickly, such as access to the camera. The Moto screen displays discreet notifications when the phone is locked and automatically adjusts the brightness and color of the screen during the night automatically. The fingerprint sensor can also be used to navigate the cellular interface. Motorola removed the virtual buttons to go back and back to the beginning and the truth, it will take you time ago to get used to using the fingerprint sensor to navigate the entire interface of the device. Other sensors with which comes with accelerometer, gyroscope and ambient light detector to change the brightness of your screen depending on the light that there is. It also has a proximity sensor.

Drums: It has a good 3,000 mAh battery that is almost the capacity that high-end cell phones have. When charged, the cell phone uses Turbo Power technology to charge the cell phone quickly, up to 6 hours in 15 minutes. This technology has been Motorola for many years, and the truth works pretty well every time we have used it. We tested the fast charge when the cell phone was with 13% battery and after 15 minutes, had loaded 20% of it, reaching 33% charge.

Conclusion: The Moto G5S Plus is reasonably priced considering the features. The quality/price ratio makes it worthy of being recognized as a very good option if you do not have a big budget. There are many other cheap options in the market that can get your attention, but the truth is that this cell phone feels more expensive than it is, basically because it has a double lens camera and because it is a cell phone with an aluminum body, which makes it feel premium and be more resistant. The truth that it is worth buying the special edition (s) of the G5 Plus and not just the G5 Plus that does not have the letter “s” in its name. The dual camera and Full HD screen are sufficient reason to do so and at the time of writing these lines both models are at the same price.

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