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Characteristics and Specifications of Poco F1 Smartphone –

Xiaomi is a most extravagant company, and that’s no secret, the signature that it makes some of the best mobiles in the market. Now, the company has presented the POCO F1, a phone that, oddly enough, comes under the new brand Poco.

The design is one of the sections that pay more attention to smartphones, and no wonder, we want a terminal that is powerful, with good battery and a design that gives us good feelings in hand, and this is precisely what Little has focused on. Although this newborn firm has not opted for the famous premium materials such as aluminum, ceramics or glass, but for the plastic polycarbonate, the POCO F1 boasts a sober and elegant design, with stylized lines and a chassis that stands out its thinness. n the back of the terminal we are going to find a vertical double camera, but located in the central part of the phone. 

As for the software, Poco has decided to put distance with respect to Xiaomi, and we will find a modified version of MIUI, in which the launcher, for example, is of the same style as the one we found in Android stock, with its box of applications, but with more extras than we normally find.