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Samsung Galaxy S7 Features and specifications

It is a really spectacular phone since inside you can find an Exynos 8890 processor that has eight cores and is manufactured with 14-nanometer manufacturing technology. As for RAM, we talk about a model that makes the leap to 4 GB and, therefore, offers all the possible capacity when running applications.

Finished in metal and glass, other features of the Samsung Galaxy S7  is that it comes with protection against water and dust, so that the security it offers on a day-to-day basis, along with the Gorilla Glass protection of its 5-screen, 1 inch with QHD quality, so the pixel density is above 500 PPI. Compatibility with the use of microSD cards is also recovered, so it is always possible to increase the storage offered by the Samsung Galaxy S7. The LTE compatibility is confirmed, which in this case is Cat. 12.

With Android Marshmallow operating system and the usual TouchWiz customization, the Samsung Galaxy S7 includes a 12-megapixel BRITECELL camera, with significant improvements in the management of brightness and focus speed. Finished in metal, the non-interchangeable battery that is integrated into the phone of the Korean company is 3,000 mAh with fast and wireless recharge.

Screen: In this component is where you can find the most notable differences with respect to his brother the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, in the sense that the screen is smaller and has a slightly lower pixel density, however and despite these differences, the quality of the screen is beyond doubt. In the Samsung Galaxy S7, the glass has protection Gorilla Glass 3 and the frames are metallic, the type of screen is Super AMOLED, counting on a good useful surface with respect to the total surface of the terminal. Doing a little more emphasis on the differences with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, it should be said that the Samsung Galaxy 7 does not have the characteristically curved screen of his brother, but a flat screen that is attached to the frame smoothly.

The resolution is superb thanks to the 4k, in this section competes without a doubt with the best smartphones of its category, in addition, the screen ratio is excellent and provides good visibility to the user.

Performance: Without exaggerating an apex, you could consider the performance of the Processor Exynos 8890 Octa 2.3GHz / Snapdragon as “brutal”, to give you an idea of its potential, we can say that there are many desktop PCs with processors similar benefits. The result of all this is that the Samsung Galaxy S7 is handled perfectly in any scenario such as heavy games, multitasking, speed in opening applications, etc., In addition, the graphics load fluidly any Android game. The power of this phone is beyond doubt, so it meets the needs of the most demanding users. Definitely, the  Samsung S7 for its hardware features is placed at the height of the best high-end terminals.

Battery: Although it was a good mobile phone, one of the weaknesses of his brother Samsung Galaxy S6 was the battery life, in the Samsung Galaxy S7, the performance is much better and allows to reach the end of the day without problems. However, to be fair, you can not say that autonomy is the strongest point of this terminal, the best that can be said is that it improves the benefits of the previous generation. Undoubtedly the 3000 mAh Samsung Galaxy S7 make life a little easier for users, significantly improving the energy management of the device. In addition, if we add to the increase in battery power, fast charging options and the wireless charger that comes with the cell phone, we find a fairly complete pack to avoid problems. A full charge of the Samsung S7 can be made in 90 minutes.

Software: In this section, Samsung has worked quite well, correcting some limitations that traditionally used to have the brand in this issue, it must be said that the software works well and is quite fast. The customization layer allows you to do things like use split screen applications or reorder applications in the box. You can also do things like access information without the need to unlock the phone, it is definitely worth diving into the software innovations provided by the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Gameplay options: If you are someone who likes to enjoy games with your cell phone, it must be said that this Galaxy has a series of interesting options that allow you to make multiple configurations. For example, you can turn off notifications so they do not interrupt you while you’re playing, you can minimize the game, record or take screenshots.

Connectivity: The Samsung Galaxy S7 does not have FM Radio, but with the exception of this particular, in relation to connectivity nothing is missed.