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Basic Plain T Shirts for Men in India at Zepper Store

Want to buy a basic single plain T shirts you have just at the time rightly landed on the most suitable place on the earth. We have a wide range of single color plain T shirts available for sale in our store’s stock. So why the delay? Purchase your basic t-shirt today at the zepper store. We all know basics never go out of fashion, so basic and plain t shirts will always be there in fashion as it carries a sense of classy and elegant charm it adds to your look and along with that it’s always has that cool effect to make it more appealing towards others. If you are planning to buy a plain t shirt then you should not think twice before buying it. All men must have their own collection of basic tees which they can wear on specific occasions. They should not just own one color, They should own more than one color such as black plain t shirt, white plain t shirt, red plain t shirt, maroon plain t shirt, grey plain t-shirt, and orange plain t shirt. Plain t-shirts are one of the simplest and one of the easiest clothes to wear for every person out there. To avail these stylish and affordable plain t-shirts you have to buy it at the zepper store. You will never be out of trends with these t-shirts meanwhile we will add new colors and new plain patterns to our trending plain tshirt collections on the daily basis so that you will never miss a single color or plain textures.

Why should you buy plain T-shirts at

India is a large country where you can find a lot of t shirt stores in the local market, in supermarkets and as well as online shopping websites. When it comes to choosing the correct plain t shirt, you should have a fair amount of idea about how t shirts are made. How important is the quality of the materials used to make the t shirts. Under what climate these basic tees are manufactured, what’s the fabric that is used to make these plain t shirts? Are they cotton, or mix cotton and polyester or only polyester fabric. What is the thickness of the fabric. All these factors come into play while buying a classic plain t-shirt in India. We produce the finest quality premium plain t shirt in our store. The GSM that is a standard for premium quality is 180GSM, we use only premium quality ringspun cotton fabric. We also make special interest about the stitching process used to stitch the t shirts and make sure they are perfectly stitched without any loose ends or any open threads. After all the processes successfully completed. We carefully pack the unique plain t shirts and ship them to you with love. get the best casual plain branded t shirts at zepper with cash on delivery available and free shipping available, you will be a loser to miss that offer. Buy plain t-shirts for men in India with a wide range of colors and various styles such as the round neck, V neck t-shirts.

What to look when buying basic plain t shirts in India?

When buying a plain single colour t shirt, most of the people don’t look and check at the quality of these t shirts they just choose the color, if the color satisfies them and they are happy with the color, they go with the plain t shirt and buy it, but what they forget is that quality is also an important term and it should be considered while choosing your very own blank t shirt.

Some of the pinpoints you need to consider before buying a plain t shirt are:

1) The T shirt should be 160 to 180gsm in quality which means grams per square meter. It determines the thickness of the t shirts so the t shirts below 160gsm are too thin to wear and the t shirts above 180gsm are too thick for regular wear. That’s why 180gsm is considered as a standard GSM while choosing a t shirt.
2)Colour is another important factor so you choose your color according to your personality. Don’t go with too colorful t shirts. We suggest a black plain t shirt or a white plain tee or a grey plain t shirt is the best one for every occasion.
3)The stitching quality: Make sure the stitching quality should be of high quality and how will you determine that stitching is of high quality. First, look closely to the stitching, if there is more space between stitches then the quality is not good. The stitches should be small and close with cross stitches and no leftover threads hanging.
4)Make sure to check the label to check if it’s pure cotton or blends of cotton and polyester. We recommend buying only cotton t shirts because cotton t shirts are the best when you are searching for a t shirt that is comfortable to wear.
These are some points you should check while buying a plain t shirt and with that said t zepper you will find exclusive collection of plain t shirts that will meet all the criteria that we just pointed out above. So don’t hold back and buy your first blank t shirt only at

A plain t shirt for men is one of the most suitable and comfy wear to wear with jeans or shorts or you can even wear them with pajamas. Without doing any effort you will get an ultra-casual look and no matter in which place you go, you will always be in fashion and without being too cheesy. The plain t-shirts on any day will give you a classy look at keeping the style factors in place and simplicity intact. You can have any set of attire in your wardrobe but nothing can beat the look of a plain t shirt. These basic t-shirts are the epitome of style and blend into any clothes. We have got the perfect plain colored t shirts for every occasion, like black and white basic t-shirts, grey, burgundy, olive green t-shirt as well.

Check our Plain T-Shirts Prices, Reviews, and Rating by Customers
You can purchase these awesome plain t-shirts at a very affordable price of INR249. Isn’t it great to have an elegant looking and cool basic tee at such a low price? We know it is.

Here are some reviews and ratings of plain t-shirts by our customers

These T-shirts are cool, they feel soft to touch and are very comfortable to wear – Sanjeev from Odisha
Soft and good quality plain T-shirts I bought two piece-They are great to wear – Heera from Patna
Awesome casual t-shirts, Thumbs up for the quality and price – Harish from Bangalore
First of all, it’s good as it’s providing these t-shirts at such a low price and after I got my order. I think the quality is justified and it’s really premium cotton material – Jyoti from Kolkata
I bought a plain maroon t-shirt for my brother, He like the t-shirt very much and he was quite happy with the quality – Harpreet from Patiala